Nyaan, Volume 1


Kurogane Hayate and Mudou Ayana


August 20, 2014


1 through 8

Characters Introduced

Koizumi Ushio, Koizumi Minato

Volume 1 of Hayate X Blade 2 is the nineteenth volume of the overall series.


Two months after the end of the first series, Nagi is having trouble advancing in the Hoshitori. She and her shinyuu, Kanai, just can't seem to mesh in battle, and are still stuck in Rank D. As a result, they do not qualify to participate as gladiators in the newly-commenced "Tenchi Ultimate Hoshitori Battle," much to the displeasure of their dormitory leader, Hajime.

In an effort to push Nagi into the competition, Hajime sets up a one-on-one duel between her and Aoba Thelma, a C-ranked Kurogumi member fresh off a resounding victory in the first contest of the Ultimate Hoshitori Battle. By defeating her, Nagi can take her place as a gladiator in time for the special summer leg of the competition, "Summer Fest."

In the tankoubon bonus, Kei is having trouble with her new roommate.

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