Shidou Misako


士道 美沙子


High School, Year 1


165 cm (5 ft 5 in)


51 kg (112 lbs)

Birth Date

April 10



Blood Type


First Appears:

Volume 4, Page 121

Drama CD VA:

Hikasa Youko

Shidou Misako (士道美沙子), known as Sid, is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. Her shinyuu is Tonami Shuu.


Sid is much devoted to the style and attitude of punk rock, having named herself after Sex Pistols' bassist Sid Vicious and her shinyuu after Vicious' girlfriend Nancy Spungen. She carries a bass everywhere she goes and peppers her speech with English vulgarisms and slang terms without respect to meaning or intelligibility. She champions anarchy and chaos, and decries the bourgeoisie and "fashion punks".

She is not a subtle duellist, her preferred approach being to charge around swinging a massive two-handed broadsword. While not especially elegant or efficient, this style lends an element of unpredictability and havoc to any proceedings she's involved in, and her strikes, if they land, can cause considerable damage.

She has a large contingent of younger siblings and lives in relative poverty, depending on frugality and the kindness of neighbors to get by.

List of English Words or Phrases Used by SidEdit

Sid employs a wide variety of English terms beyond those commonly used in Japanese as loanwords. Those usages are recorded here. Note that not all of these phrases actually exist in English.

  • Acidhead
  • Amen to That
  • Anarchy
  • Anthem
  • Are You?
  • Asshole
  • Ballad
  • Banging
  • Bass
  • Beat
  • Big Cheese
  • Big Up
  • Bike Boots (motorcycle boots)
  • Bitch
  • Bourgeois
  • Bullshit
  • Candy (in "Candy-chan")
  • Chaos
  • Chicken
  • Chopper
  • Do or Die
  • Dress
  • Dumbshit
  • Escape
  • Evolution
  • Fashion Punk
  • Fuck
  • Fucker
  • Fucking Graduation
  • Fucking Great
  • Fucking Jap
  • Fucking Shit
  • Fucking Suicide
  • Gig
  • Go to Hell
  • Goddamn
  • Goddamn Right
  • Good Shit
  • Great Escape Forever
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Hey
  • Holy Shit
  • Hungry Life of Glory
  • Hunter Eye
  • Hype
  • Jesus
  • Just Wait
  • Last Gig
  • Life
  • Lose & Die
  • Mad Groove
  • Mary Poppins
  • Metal
  • Moby-Dick
  • Motherfucker
  • Natural Born Winner
  • Never Forget Rebellion
  • No
  • No Future
  • No Way
  • Phrase
  • Punk
  • Punk Sensor
  • Rest in Peace
  • Rice
  • Roadie
  • Rock
  • Rock 'n' Roll
  • Satisfy
  • Screw-Up
  • Session
  • Set
  • Sex, Drugs, and Heavy Castella
  • Shit
  • Sick
  • Spiral
  • Stage
  • Suck
  • Sucker
  • The Goodbye
  • Tight
  • To Heaven
  • Trip
  • Universe
  • Untouchable
  • Vicious
  • Virus
  • White Chicken
  • Who Is...
  • Yes

Gallery Edit

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