Kurogane Nagi


黒鉄 ナギ


Middle School, Year 1


141 cm (4 ft 8 in)


34 kg (75 lbs)

First Appears:

Volume 8, Page 52

Called by Hayate:


Kurogane Nagi (黒鉄ナギ) is meant to be enrolled as a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy; however, due to an injury suffered in a car accident, she is not immediately able to attend. Her twin sister, Hayate, goes in her place.


As a contrast to her sister's extroversion, Nagi has a gruff, solitary personality. She does not feel physical pain, a condition which can afford her certain advantages in a fight, but has many potential dangers. Like Hayate, she behaves fearlessly and with complete confidence, but she is distinct in the measured, patient approach she takes to her actions, and in the resoluteness of her character.

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