Kikkawa Tsukasa


吉川 司


High School, Year 1


161 cm (5 ft 3 in)


50 kg (110 lbs)

First Appears:

Volume 6, Page 3

Drama CD VA:

Fujimura Ayumi

Kikkawa Tsukasa (吉川司) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. She is the leader of Mikado Akira's fan club, the A-Team. Her shinyuu (and co-leader of the A-Team) is Hotei Tomo.


Kikkawa devotes her life, thoughts, and efforts to her idol and angel, Akira, often in an underhanded and always in an incompetent manner. She and her outfit will go to any lengths to protect Akira's dignity and punish any perceived slights against it.

Her weapon of choice is a pole sword (naginata), though she is not permitted to use one until the adoption of the new Hoshitori rules. With or without it, however, she is a terrible fighter.

She is the cousin of Himuro Meiko. Although she and Meiko are cousins, she inherited none of her family's intelligence and this fact acknowledge by Meiko.


Volume 6Edit

  • Kikkawa and Hotei receive intelligence from their A-Team field operatives concerning the activities of one Kurogane Hayate. Based on it, they begin to formulate a plot against her (3-4).
  • During the school festival, the A-Team kidnaps Miki (25).
  • Having called Hayate out to the clocktower, Kikkawa has Hotei read out a list of her alleged offenses against Akira (42-45).
  • Using their hostage, Miki, as leverage, she attempts to force Hayate to leave Tenchi, but Ayana and some of Hayate's other friends intervene (51-56).
  • Kikkawa's Swordbearer Register file appears on page 58.
  • Amachi arrives on the scene, and organizes a mass Hoshitori duel between the A-Team (80 strong) and Hayate's group (8 strong, and wielding ladles). The event is broadcast throughout the campus as entertainment. The A-Team puts up little resistance, and the contest ends promptly when Akira inadvertently reveals her maid costume, causing the entire fan club to faint (61-67, 70-71, 74, 85-90).
  • Her image appears as Meiko mentions her (137).

Volume 7Edit

  • Speaks with Meiko in her room, who persuades her into an action against Inori Sae, Akira's shinyuu (64-65).
  • She attempts to doctor Sae's sword to make it come apart, but mistakenly does this to Akira's sword instead. As a result, Akira is injured by Sid's massive sword, though she manages to win her fight nevertheless (144-145, 151-152, 169-172, 174).

Volume 8Edit

  • She comes in person to apologize to Sae (36-39).
  • Appears in the Drama CD extra (162, 164, 168).

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