Kamijou Maki


上条 槙


High School, Year 1


165 cm (5 ft 5 in)


52 kg (115 lbs)

Birth Date

May 1



Blood Type


First Appears:

Volume 1, Page 60

Called by Hayate:


Drama CD VA:

Shindou Naomi

Kamijou Maki (上条槙) is a sword-bearing student at Tenchi Academy. Her shinyuu is Someya Yukari.


Kamijou is ever the reliable "senpai" to her underclassmen friends, not only to her shinyuu Yukari, but to Ayana and Hayate as well. (She is the only character Hayate uses the term senpai toward.) She is an accomplished artist, serving as president of Tenchi's art club, and a champion fencer. She is prone to injuries, and has a worryingly enthusiastic attitude towards suffering them.

Her previous shinyuu, a fellow artist, transferred out of Tenchi to attend an art-oriented school. Following this, she had intended to ride out her remaining time at Tenchi as a general student. However, after Yukari's annulment from Ayana, Kamijou partnered with her and rejoined the swordsmanship program.

Despite her fencing pedigree, she only starts using a fencing-style approach to Hoshitori duels after she receives a customized saber prepared by the Weaponsmith.


Volume 1Edit

  • At Yukari's side throughout her encounter with Ayana, her reaction to Ayana's comeback, and a Hoshitori duel (60-62, 74, 131-132, 134).


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