Benibachi Kiyoko


紅蜂 清子


46 (claimed)


167 cm (5 ft 6 in)

First Appears:

Volume 1, Page 44

Benibachi Kiyoko (紅蜂清子) is the receptionist at Tenchi Academy's secretarial office. Among other duties, she processes swordbearer applications, shinyuu contracts, and shinyuu annulments.


Volume 1Edit

  • Gets Hayate set with her Hoshitori sword and epaulette (46).
  • Registers Hayate and Ayana as shinyuus (75).
  • Processes Hayate's randori request (153-154).
  • (Shueisha edition only:) Explains through her cigarette smoke the correct abbreviation of Hayate X Blade ("Habu") (180).

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