Amachi Hitsugi


Miyamoto Shizuku

Amachi Hitsugi and Miyamoto Shizuku form a shinyuu pair at Tenchi Academy.


Hitsugi and Miyamoto have known each other from childhood, through the Amachi family's company, of which Shizuku's mother is an employee. Shizuku presently lives in Hitsugi's house at Tenchi.

Shizuku is intensely devoted to Hitsugi, not through any sense of debt but out of personal admiration and affection. Hitsugi in turn seems to feel a great deal of pride in her, and puts a degree of trust and reliance in her she does not show anyone else.

Shizuku calls Hitsugi "Kaichou" ("President") in school settings and "Hitsugi-san" otherwise. Hitsugi calls Shizuku "Shizuku".


Rank ProgressionEdit


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